Attitude Toy Haulers

What's the hottest toy hauler?  Attitude Toy haulers !  It's all about ATTITUDE!  Attitude offers exceptional innovation, function, and design to meet your expectations for a fun-filled adventure.  Whether you play in the dunes with toys, camp in the wild or enjoy the beach, the Attitude is right for you.  Eclipse RV built Attitude with you in mind.  We offer our customers the ultimate value.  Our customer's needs and desires were collectively gathered to create the best toyhauler in the industry.  We offer choices, whether it be a lightweight 18-foot toyhauler or a 39-plus-foot luxurious widebody.  We have our customers to thank for our growing success:  friends are referring friends!

Toy Haulers are named for their main purpose: Hauling Toys!    Toy Haulers have a unique feature which allows the back door to drop down and serve as a ramp.   This gives the Toy Hauler trailer easy access for toys to be loaded and unloaded easily. They come in both RV types, pull or travel trailer and Fifth wheel Models.

Attitude has expanded their cargo areas to accomodate the longer wheel base of 4 seater  ATVs.   Video coming Soon!

2016 Attitude Toy Haulers In Stock

2016 Eclipse Attitude Toy Haulers are on Sale Now ! - Site is currently being updated